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Silvercrest Sport Horses

Jerry Erickson

Kyle Ranch Prospects

Terry Thompson

Joe Curtiss

Calcagnini Reining Horses

We are proud to be home to resident trainers:


Mark & Miranda Lyons

M&M Horsemanship

Trainer Based Boarding

Sale Preperation

Reproductive Services

Year Round Mare and Foal Care

You deserve the best care for your investments!


  • Large pastures

  • Stall care

  • Breeding season preperation

    • Large light pens

    • Lighted mare motel

  • Weaning and halter breaking

  • Routine health care

  • Quality Colorado alfalfa and coastal hay

  • Bluebonnet Growth & Development grain

  • Cycle management

  • On-site breeding with cooled and frozen semen

  • Embryo transfer

  • Attended foalings

    • Large, lighted foaling stalls

    • Foalert monitoring system


Attending Reproduction Vet

Dr. Chelsea Makloski-Cohorn

  • Quality nutrition

  • Grooming and blanketing

  • Ground work & routine exercise

  • Photography & videos

  • Hauling & sale day handling